(Left/Top) Korean bamboo bow, 16th-17th C. (Right/Bottom) Reproduction by Korean bowyer Geuk-hwan Park, 2000

Both the original bow and reproduction are 94cm (37") tip to tip (87cm nock to nock). The siyah is made of mulberry wood, with bamboo core and belly; it is backed with sinew. The bowyer said this particular bow has a 100#+ draw weight. It was made as a horse bow and was designed to fit in a small bow quiver.

The reproduction bow at various angles and also one (top right) that shows the bow before the siyah was carved.

[From top to bottom, left to right] Master Geuk-hwan Park, Thomas Duvernay, bamboo bow bamboo belly, bamboo bow siyah

Second bamboo horse bow crafted by Master Park

Bamboo belly strip. Note: thinning of strip must be done prior to its being applied

Stringing the Bamboo Bow

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